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Data Intelligence

The Zapt-Tech technologies collects customers visitation flow history onto Big-Data databases and generates executive dashboards with valuable indicators for several strategic analysis.

Wich are the denser areas?

And the Dead areas?

What are the typical visitation flows of the customers that spend more?

Was there a flow increase on sale A's section?

Wich stands/sections were the busiest during the event?

What is the foreign visitors normal flow?

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E-Commerce Indicators in Physical Stores

Precise visitation flow indicators in physical spaces enable, for administrators of comercial centers, touristic equipments and events, the same smart actions and decisions based on data consecrated by e-Commerce strategists:

Based on customers usual flow, infer your consumption and interests profile and then offer effective promotions on your next visit;

Suspect of highly visited sections with low sales: atractive products with high prices? Exposition problem?

Analyse the "dead zones" by time and day of the week, and promote capaign with visible results

Bottlenecks, over crowding on certain sections? Reorganize the layout.

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Multiple Technologies for Maximum Sampling

To maximize the visitation flow sample, the Zapt platform uses a mix of technologies, from GPS for external areas, to Wifi gateways and Bluetooth flags for indoor spaces - embedding "collectors" on any apps via simplified SDKs for maximum accuracy and refinement.

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Visitation Flows
Hallway Flows
Rush Hours
Average Lenght of Stay
Return Rate
Single Visits
Online and Offline Operation, Without Internet Connection
Social Networks Integrated Authentication (Login)
Profile Segmented Statistics (Authenticated Users)

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