Personalization and Privacy

Zapt Tech technology respects its user’s privacy while at the same time enabling personalized service in the various desired and authorized places it wishes to do so. Understand Zapt's privacy and personalization levels:

Remote Users

You can use positioning, guidance, orientation and consultation services, including discounts and promotions for users in proximity, even without registration and authentication with Zapt App.

Authenticated user

By registering basic information (name, mobile, email), you are able to participate in loyalty programs, receive promotional discounts and other transactions restricted to registered users, according to each location.

Personalized service

By completing your profile and providing Zapt with information (date of birth, marital status, gender...) and various preferences (hobby, shopping, habits, ...) you are able to receive offers and information based on this data. Personalized service is possible even if you do not agree to share your information with a specific location, as Zapt only shares your profile and preferences without any specific identification.

Tailored service

Experience the ultimate personalized service being a friend of a location! The friendship invitation will be sent as a card during your visit to a Zapt location. Accepting this friendship proposal is optional, but by doing so Zapt shares your information with the site allowing your profile to be tailored, with loyalty programs, individual promotions and offers, and other services "just for you".

Zapt values the accreditation of locations with a good reputation, being secure with sharing them through friendship with accredited sites.


Zapt app does not maintain nor send its users' positioning to any accredited locations, except in a consolidated and statistical manner, for location movement on "heat maps" analysis.

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