Zapt App
More information in fewer clicks!

Zapt App uses the the mere proximity of objects, points of interest and people to provide you with instant information and services that may be of interest. A new, simple, and innovative way for you to interact with apps and the 21st century physical world.

Understand this and other disruptive innovations of the Zapt App.

More information in fewer clicks!

You simply open Zapt next to a point of interest or service in a configured location and... Zapt!

Consult relevant information about a nearby product, object, or service – without any clicks.

More services in fewer apps

Zapt's unique architecture allows a single application to offer specific services and transactions in unlimited locations, including personalized proximity service for its users. With Zapt, the services and information changes, not the app!

Information cards and services

The uniform interface based on Zapt's "cards" facilitates patrons immediate use of services provided by different locations. Buying tickets, paying for parking, consulting information or any other service can be used in a standardized, simple and user dominated manner.

Ready to use upon download

Registration and authentication are optional in Zapt, although it is recommended for personalization in each location, it's up to you! Learn the advantages of registering and providing profile information and preferences for Zapt.

Location Services beyond GPS

Zapt finishes what the GPS merely started, taking the user to their “actual” final destination. After all, your final destination is not a street in the vicinity of the destination address but “a seat in auditorium”, “a meeting room” or “service counter”.

Zapt transforms the classic “where am I?” and "what is the best way to" functions available in enclosed spaces and on maps.

Humanized Maps

Zapt uses artistic "humanized" maps suitable for visitors, tourists and pedestrians in general. Understand why this makes all the difference!

Unprecedented comfort and accessibility

Plug in your headset, put your device in your pocket and simply walk through intelligent Zapt locations comfortably listening to information and services available nearby. Voice commands and artificial intelligence interaction are coming soon!

Personalized or anonymous service

For the majority of location, orientation and information functions queries, Zapt does not even need registration and authentication (login). But by registering and making your preferences known, your treatment will be personalized allowing you to receive promotions, information and services, according to your profile!

Loyalty Programs for customers nearby

With Zapt, loyalty programs waive specific bills, stamps or codes. Zapt identifies your presence and automatically gives you an electronic badge, which can be collected for discounts on loyalty programs.


Zapt is, and always will be, free.

Comming Soon:

Technical requirements

  • iOS or Android;
  • A device that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) - generally all industrialized devices from 2012 onwards;
  • After installation, enable location services and activate Bluetooth.

Learn the advantages of registering and providing Zapt with profile information and preferences.

White Label Mode

The Best App, with your Brand!

Zapt App’s architecture was specially designed to be customized to suit the customer's visual identity via configurations, even allowing the addition of new business-specific functions.

In White Label mode, after configuration and addition of complimentary features, Zapt App Zapt App is packaged and made available in the Play Store and Apple Store with a unique customer brand and address - with exceptional time-to-market.

Zapt Network Mode

More Users, Fewer Costs with Unbeatable Results and Services!

It is increasingly unreasonable to expect users to download an app for each location they visit. The tendency of downloading App’s is already decreasing, resulting in an ever-increasing challenge of getting an expressive base of downloads and active users.

The innovative Zapt Network mode faces this problem by providing users with a a single App capable of serving them contextually in different locations, after a single download and registration.

In this mode, the company adopts Zapt itself as its official App ("Zapt is used here") and can be parameterized to dynamically display colors, visual identity, splash and menu options whenever a customer is in the physical vicinity of the open-air areas.

With this collaborative method, an expressive customer base is formed and shared for the benefit of all.

In Zapt Network, time-to-market, cost reduction and increased service volume are unparalleled. Join Zapt in this innovating network, after all, Zapt App is free to its customers - and always will be!


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